Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cute Red Country Table

I love redoing tiny tables. They're pretty quick and best in fun colors. It's like a tiny punch of style in your room. PERFECT for those who are afraid of committing to a large dose of color!

Normally, I paint a table and it covers completely and leaves a nice solid pop of color. However, this little table had other plans for its identity! I did about 2 coats of paint, and the original finish was still showing through. I liked it! It has this multidimensional, glazed look to it. You can see the table's original finish below:

I embraced it and let the table have a country feel, lining the drawers with a less modern paper. I like the subtly of that floral pattern and how it blends with the wood tone. You can really see the finish detail below!

I was going to change the hardware, but since this table had it's own identity - I decided the original handle went perfect. I cleaned it up with some Brasso and it looks almost as good as new! Gotta love solid brass handles! I hate seeing pieces where the person has repainted them - gold. I mean, just a little bit more work and it looks so much better and meant to be then spritzing with with gold paint!!! I kind of get it if you're using it as a color accent and paint the brass some other color...but if you're going gold just restore it!!!

What do you think of that glass head? I found it at Goodwill and thought it was super cool! My hunka thinks it's weird. haha

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  1. I love your style! the glass head is so cool under the end table! Your style is classy and funky and i love it. your Hunka says its weird! Typical guy! lol.. Next time I have my party in a few weeks your can enter this again and other posts that have to do with decorating! I send you invite.. thanks for posting Maria

    1. haha I might steal that! My style: Classy Funk. ;)

  2. I agree, small tables are perfect for experimenting with bold colors! Love your little red table and the brass hardware really pops now!