Friday, April 4, 2014

Life changing news!

Yay! We are finally announcing our pregnancy! AND (just in case the pink didn't give it away)... it's a girl! We are beyond thrilled that after 4 years of marriage, and aging twice as fast it seems, we finally made it into the second trimester with a pregnancy.

Of course, I spend a ton of time looking at all things baby. I'm disappointed that hubby isn't more interested in that aspect. Though, from what I hear from other moms, that's typical. I know he's elated, and his only saving grace is the look on his face when he hears the heartbeat. We've had several scares with this pregnancy, including bleeding for over 2 weeks; so, I wonder if he was just hesitant to get too excited.

....but when he hears the heartbeat. He just sort of hangs his head a little, closes his eyes, and gets this soft smile on his face. He looks so peaceful and content. I tear up every time looking at him like that (and now just thinking about - dumb hormones!).

Overall, everything looks good with the pregnancy now. The ultrasound tech at my 19 week check kept saying what a beautiful heart the baby had. She said she just couldn't stop looking at it and went back to that view over and over. I don't know what was so remarkable about it compared to others she has seen. Maybe it was the positioning; you could see all 4 chambers beating perfectly.
In the center below is the heart. The upper two parts are the ventricles, and the lower two chambers are the atria! We could actually see the valves opening with each heartbeat!

Here's our  most recent full body - well as full body as she could get - shot. I actually have this one in a small frame on my computer desk.  :o)

I'm so happy to finally get to "officially" share our news! It only took 11 years since my last kiddo!

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