Wednesday, May 7, 2014

DIY Textured Planters for my Herb Garden

Plants and I have never gotten along. Mainly because they get all butt hurt and die when I don't feed them. The nerve, right?! I've always wanted a little indoor herb garden for my kitchen. I love the idea of having fresh herbs on hand for recipes! So, I'm attempting plant life again!

I bought these 3 kiddos at Walmart for like $3 each, and they have had several near death experiences already! You'd think with them sitting right above my sink I'd remember to water them, right?!? They sat for the longest time in their original plastic holders. Finally, I got around to painting some pots for them.

I was inspired by these planters that some lady was selling on Facebook. She only wanted $10 for the pair, but I needed more than that!

I nabbed some regular terracotta planters from Walmart. I think they were just over $2 for the pot and plate together. Take some puff paint to texturize them with cute dots! The paint takes 4 hours to dry!

For the love of all things holy, PRIME YOUR POTS. I derped and thought since they were porous that I could skip that step...though I was planning on priming the white just because it's so light. Well, the silver comes off when you touch it. Seriously you will hate your life, and your plants will hate theirs and DIE! So, not priming = death. That's logical, right? ;)

After your prime your pots like a good girl, you can top it off with whatever colors you choose. I did the top rim and bottom plate in silver. In hindsight, I wish I had maybe done gold. I was thinking since they'd be above my sink the silver would match the silver faucet. I like them, but me and Goldie are BFFs right now! It's okay, these got the stamp of approval from Hunka. And I quote, "I might even let you keep those in the house." That's as good as it gets for his approval!

After everything is all dry, you can pot your plants! Speaking of the plants. Don't mine look so wild? I see lots of pretty herb gardens online, but it seems like my plants are out of control with their long branches hanging everywhere! Is it just me? Are they supposed to look like that? I guess it's fitting, I can be a bit wild too! haha maybe crazy is more fitting for me and my herb buds. ;)

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