Thursday, May 29, 2014

Grey Clawfoot Side Table - Rawr!

Cute little grey side table! He's simple, uncomplicated, and beautiful!

He has a darker glass insert, which I think goes well with the moodiness of the grey. I decided to make the claw feet stand out by painting the balls that they hold silver. Sadly, the silver blended in too much with the grey paint. It was basically the same color! So I painted them black first and put a thin coat of the metallic silver on top. It stands out just like I hoped it would!

Also, shown is the emerald and chalkboard herringbone desk I finished recently. He's lonely and needs a home, too!

And here he is with a Scrappy photobomb (he's in the background of the above pic, too)..."MOM what are you doooing??" It's ridiculous how much I talk for our two Great Danes. I make up songs, speak for them constantly...please tell me I'm not the only one? lol!

What do you think of him? The table not the dog!

He's handsome, faithful, and can be yours for $99! Check out the V2 Shop!

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