Saturday, May 10, 2014

Maternity Photo Series: 6 months

I'm happy to return with my second maternity photo shoot - 6 months along! Actually, I'm about a week behind because of the rain. It's been dreary and wet, so I put off taking photos last weekend. Then I finally decided to embrace it and do a cute shoot in my rain boots (high heeled of course!) and rain jacket with an umbrella.

Again, the photographer is my sweet 11 year old! He's getting way better at this photography stuff! He was suggesting poses and even brought me to this location! This is the trail in our neighborhood where he and his friends play! I got way more photos out of him this time, probably because I promised him A&W for dinner with a Sour Patch Kids polar swirl for dessert!

Here's that handsome young man; I can't believe how tall he's getting! He's starting to look so grown up!

Selfie with my handsome, young photographer!

Everything I'm wearing this time around is maternity. I'm still able to wear tons of my normal clothes, but it just worked out that my rainy outfit is all maternity. So far, I've gotten pretty much all of my maternity clothes at Goodwill. This white top is actually the only thing I purchased new; it's from Target. These are my favorite maternity jeans, they fit the best. The other 2 pairs I have are hardcore saggers. Seriously, I take one step and it looks like I walked straight out of the 'hood! I refer to them as "poopy butt" since, well, that's what it looks like! The rain boots are Sperry Top Siders that I got a few years back, the rain coat is from Target, and the yellow umbrella is GAP.

This one..THIS ONE is my absolute FAVORITE! The ones below with the umbrellas are a VERY close second...maybe almost a tie!

I did this one in black and white because the lighting was way off. I liked it otherwise, though. I love being able to edit mistakes!

I brought hubby in for this session. He's not very patient with the photo taking. He says that he prefers natural photos instead of ones where you pose and smile for the camera. I guess he just expects us to all be together and happen to take perfect photos! haha Ah well, at least he cooperated for a little white so I could get these two that I like!

Ut  oh, I'm pretty sure this is how it all started!!! lol ;)

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