Sunday, May 25, 2014

Vintage Navy Blue Dresser!

This thing....this thing is gorgeous! Not to toot my own  horn, but I love the navy and gold combination! I think it turned out beautifully!

Here's a peek at this ugly duckling before:

I couldn't imagine hand painting those top drawer fronts with all that detail; so, I sprayed this piece with my paint sprayer. This was so much more fabulous than using spray paint from the can like I normally do. I'm not sure it was really too much cheaper than spray paint just because of how much a paint sprayer uses. However, it was much faster...and even better - if I needed to do a touch up I had the paint right there in the can and could tackle that with a brush. Inevitably, I would bring a piece inside...see it in a different light and notice spots I missed, then I'd have to lug it back out to the garage to respray.

I also did something a little different to the drawers. I didn't line them because the wood inside was in great shape...and because I didn't have anything that matched! Instead I painted the individual dovetails! Here they are right after spraying:

And here they are after I hand painted them with a tiny brush! So cute!

When all was said an done, I put a coat of wax on the dresser top and the surrounds of the drawers. The wax will help protect the paint in those areas and prevent drawer stickage!

I'm also super excited to announce my first consigning home! Euphemeral Designs Studio! Her shop is fabulous! I have this dresser, two vintage computer chairs, and little red table up for grabs in her shop! If you're local, swing by Tacoma, WA and take a look!

Update: This lady has SOLD!