Sunday, June 22, 2014

Maternity Photo Series: 7 Months

Today I'm actually 7 months and 3 weeks...which is almost 8 months and that means a month until baby. However, my due date isn't for 2 more months. I'm honestly really confused. haha I guess I should go strictly by weeks and not convert them into months. Yet, when someone asks how far along I am, saying x number of weeks isn't going to register as well as 7 months. Oh well, there's a peek into my pregnancy brain for today!

These photos were taken at 7 months, though. I delayed posting them because I wasn't happy with how they turned out originally. We went to the site...I'd forgotten to charge the camera battery...hubby was promising me Olive Garden for dinner, and I forgot to test for the best light settings before beginning the shoot. In light of all that, I decided we'd just go back another time a bit more prepared and less hangry!. Enter procrastination. Yeah, never happened - and like I said I'm almost 8 months now, so I figured I'd had better make due with these!

I kept thinking that I wanted a nautical themed shoot, and this location was perfect! As much as I hate the weather here, we truly live in a beautiful place. This is less than a 10 minute drive from our house! I wanted to get a close up shot at one of the Navy carriers, but that didn't happen. Olive Garden won over that stop! So, the picture above with the carriers in the background will just have to do!

Can you believe nothing I have on is maternity? I am starting to get a little more desperate for things that fit, though. I got the striped top is from Old Navy last year. The red skirt I've had FOREVER and is from Express. It was totally unzipped for all of these photos! I just rolled it inward and camouflaged it under my tops! I knew I wanted a navy blue blazer for this shoot, and I was lucky enough to pick this one up at Goodwill for only $1.29. WIN! I got those rockin' high heels at Goodwill, too! They are the perfect shade of pasty to match my skin! ;)

Ethan actually found the observation deck. I love that the sign matches my outfit! The glaring skin due not manually setting the camera? Not so much! I'm pretty sure this is not what they mean when they say that pregnant women glow!!!

The stairs leading up to the deck were so picturesque! Paired with all the boats in the background = perfect location!

This is not a flattering picture AT ALL! I just thought it was a good representation of my  hugeness! haha. Ethan had a lot of fun looking through the binoculars and spying on people. Apparently he sas some shirtless guy on his boat way in the distance!

Hopefully I don't explode before my 8 month photos! I'm thinking I will rope hubby into another photoshoot...maybe the 9 month one.

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