Friday, June 27, 2014

Nautical Anchor Wreaths!

I finally took down my Easter wreath. I was only like a month behind schedule (just like this post)! I kept wanting to do an anchor wreath like it, but it seemed like there was just always something else I needed to get done...or we were going someplace that day and I didn't want to be covered with sawdust!

Per usual, I cut out 3 at a time since that's what my jigsaw seems to be able to handle - one for me, one for my sweet neighbor that brought me a baby gift, and one to sell! After cutting, sand the edges, prime, and paint. I was tempted to do chevron stripes, but since I've done them on my last two wreaths - I opted for straight. It was definitely a lot less of a headache! After everything is painted, spritz it with some outdoor protecting spray, add the rope for hanging, and any embellishments you like!

They are so cute! Make your front door fantastic or hang it in your house! These are great nautical decor pieces! The green and white one is for sale. They are $35 each and can be customized to your liking.