Monday, July 21, 2014

Baby Girl Nursery Preview: Mint, Coral, and Navy

I've super procrastinated on working in the nursery. I'm not really sure why, entirely. Partly because (I talked about here) being so unsure of where we will even be living a month after she's born. Though, it would still make sense to at least have her furniture and some accessories done. I remember with Ethan, his nursery was completely finished by the time I was like 5 months pregnant! However, I also didn't have an entire house that needed decorating. The luxury of being home at 18 with your mamma. :)

Naturally, I've thought A LOT about how I want her nursery done. I just haven't gotten off my butt and done any of it! The colors I wanted changed from coral and navy, to coral and emerald, to coral navy and emerald, to coral emerald and black, and now it's coral navy and mint green. I'm sticking with this final choice because I've already started crocheting the baby blanket in those colors! NO going back now!!! haha

I have trouble visualizing things, so I oriented everything how it would actually be arranged in the bedroom. I have all the furniture pictured that I'll be using...just none of it is made over yet. I really need to get the crib done. I have a cradle for in our bedroom. But for naps during the day, I want her in the crib so it's an easier transition for her sleeping in the nursery later.

So, there you have it. The general idea of our nursery. I still have a tone of details to work out. Like (once we find out where we're actually staying so I can paint) do I want all the walls mint green? Just one accent wall? The ceiling only? I'm sure (like everything I do) this will be a very drawn out decorating process! I'll be happy if it's done by the time she's in her room full time, which won't be until she outgrows the cradle or she sleeps through most of the night - whichever comes first. ;)