Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Giant Vintage Bread Box!

This little thing is so quaint! Well, I guess for a bread box it's not little at all! Alas, this is another piece that I shall not be keeping. After fretting here about where we were going to live, we still have nothing official, but word on the street is we will not be staying in this house....and I don't have room at our other house for this cutie! I'm starting to realize that I want to keep almost every piece that I refinish! lol...

Jeremy actually liked this piece...before I painted it. Of course, my husband doesn't like any of the same stuff I do! What a shame. So here's the before, and how it should have looked as an after according to hubby!

I wanted to paint it a fun color, but with the vintage white  designs on the glass...I thought white would be best. I saved the pop of color for the inside! You'd know this if you follow me on instagram! Granted I envisioned that it would show through the glass with the doors closed better, oh well. Just think of it as more neutral to appeal to different buyers! ;)

After cleaning, priming, and painting, I replaced the glass using silicone around the edges. Before, the glass was held in by these cardboard type blocks that were just stapled at the corners. I think this looks way  cleaner.

This is a great little piece for extra storage in your kitchen. The color is so fun, but when the doors are closed - it all but disappears! So, it's great with any color scheme! Kinda like the vanity I did a while back!

Do you like it? It's for sale - $80!

Update: This piece has sold!