Saturday, September 20, 2014

Gold Dipped Coral French Provincial Dresser!

I'm finally getting to post about this gorgeous dresser! I had it for months, just sitting in my garage. I waited to complete it because I was so back and fourth about my nursery plans; I wasn't 100% sure what color I wanted it. It sat forever, just like this:

I've seen several beautiful white gold dipped French provincial dressers on pinterest. I loved the look and knew that I needed a French provincial dresser for the nursery. However, I couldn't decide between the white and coral. I searched to see if I could find a gold dipped coral dresser because I wanted to make sure I liked the look with that color. None to be found! I figured the gold hardware looks great on the coral dressers I found; so, the gold dipped would just make it that much more fantastic!

The color is a Sherwin Williams shade that I had Lowe's color match in Valspar (because it's cheaper, they were having a $10 rebate sale, AND I get 10% off for military!) After a good cleaning, I primed and painted. I painted the gold at the bottom first (it's Valspar's gold in the spray can), then used some tape and drape to protect it from the coral I was spraying on. It is pretty much a perfect match to those gorgeous brass drawer pulls! I just cleaned them up with some Brasso.
Here she is primed, with the gold painted, draped up ready for that gorgeous coral!

What a beauty she turned out to be after! I just need to accessorize and get some art on the wall! I'm on the fence about doing 3 larger framed art prints (I love these bird prints!) or a gallery wall with a bunch of stuff. I'll likely wait until we transfer to get into the wall art portion...but I'm open to suggestions!

I also took the time to paint the dovetails in the drawers. Originally I was going to line the insides with this pretty mint lace print paper...but since the front of the drawers are curved - it's more than I want to mess with right now. It'd be a little more involved than just straight cuts for a square drawer. I painted the dovetails once before on this navy dresser. It took me about an hour to do all 9 drawers with a tiny paintbrush.

Here's a skewed version of what her nursery looks like now. I say skewed because on the other side of the room is piles of crap that I still don't have a home for! Lots of it is for her, like a wooden high chair, frames that are going to be her wall art, etc. It's a hot mess, though!!! Her painted crib is still looking pretty - awaiting its part 2 makeover!

And one last good look at the difference!!