Saturday, November 15, 2014

Black and White Master Bathroom Inspiration!

Are y'all tired of all the nursery posts? I've been neglecting the rest of the house trying to get Reagan's nursery finished...even though it's slow going!

Well...hubby dropped a bomb on me. As I'm sure you gathered from the title, he said we can remodel our master bath! Even more shocking...he said he wants it done before Christmas! Holy fetchballs! I think I'm tingling in my seat right now!

Our master bath is basically finished, but unfinished. Everything is put together, but they left out some major pieces! There's no bathtub, no second sink or vanity. You can tell from the layout how it was meant to be finished off. However, we're planning to completely throw that layout away! Assuming it doesn't break the's the layout we love!

Personally I love pretty much everything (anyone else notice the missing mirrors?!) about the above bathroom, and I'd be thrilled to just copy and paste it into our home! haha Unfortunately, Jeremy doesn't feel the same way.

We both really like the contrast and warm wood in this photo:

My concern with so much black tile is how dirty it will look. I know that's the opposite of what you'd think, but let me explain. We stayed in this quaint house on the sound for the 4th of July, and one of the bathrooms had a black sink, toilet, etc. After washing your hands and the water dried - it looked dirty. All spotted up. Not to mention the toilet with 2 little boys using it. ICK! Now we don't want a black sink or toilet, but I'm worried the tile will have the same issues. I don't want to have to mop each time after we shower or drip some water on the floor from brushing our teeth, etc. Anyone have any experience with this?

I'm also digging the warm faux wood tile. Noticing a trend in my likes with the black, white, and warm wood tones? ;) The only issue is Jeremy doesn't like subway tiles. ... I know... Perhaps he likes them in that first black and white bathroom because they are laid out in a more streamlined pattern.

This would solve my potential problem of water making the floor tiles look so dirty. However, I think J is set on the black tiles. This one trades the warm wood for gorgeous gold! I'll probably sneak some gold in our bathroom somewhere!

I'm smitten with this floor! I love the black and white still...but the pattern is so fun! I can almost guarantee that Jeremy would never approve. What do you think about the gold faucet? I love it, but I think that's another thing he wouldn't go for!

I'm not ready to abandon all color for a simple black and white color scheme. I'm thinking we'll bring in a little color with accessories and towels - perhaps a painted vanity (don't think he'd go for that, though)? Emerald green? I love the look of emerald, black and white!

So, here's hoping that our bathroom abomination will look something like a gorgeous photo above by Christmas! I think if I could choose without his input...the last photo is my favorite color wise. Which is your favorite?

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