Friday, November 7, 2014

DIY Mint, Coral, & Navy Ombre Mobile

Mint, Coral, & Navy Ombre Baby Mobile

Love, love, LOVE this mobile! I was a little intimidated to take it on because it looked so detailed. It was very simple, though - just time consuming. If you follow me on Instagram, you got a sneak peek of this a few days ago!

Mint, Coral, & Navy Ombre Baby Mobile

This is the tutorial that I used to create this masterpiece! I followed it exactly, minus a couple of changes and tips:

  • Be sure to leave enough thread at the end of your strings to tie them easily to the hoops! I ended up having to glue several of my strings on.
  • Instead of tying 2 knots for each circle I only did one. I started by doing 2 per the tutorial, but it was taking a long time and sometimes my 2 knots wouldn't align - so I'd have to make a 3rd! The key is not to pull your knot super tight. This way it still has some bulk and will not slip through the tiny hole in your circles.
  • She said that she alternated the circle amounts, adding or subtracting 1 here and there. I did it 10 times. One of each for every color. Example, I added an additional navy circle to one string then finished it off as normal. The next string I subtracted one, only adding 2 navy circles, and then finished the rest of the colors normally. Repeat for every color. Since I had 10 altered strings, I used 4 of them on the small inner hoop and the remaining 6 for the larger exterior hoop.
  • When attaching your finished strings to the hoop, lay them out where you want them placed first. I just eyeballed it on the smaller hoop and ended up with a large gap. I had to remove them and start over. I had a few extra circles punched out and used those for my mock placement.
  • I used 16 strings for my outer hoop instead of 15. As it turned out, I made an extra one somehow. I think the inside could have done with an extra as well. However, I think it looks full enough as is. :)

This gave me something to do during my "couch time". AKA when Reagan is nursing or napping and I can't move or she'll wake up! Some days I end up just sitting with her in my lap for 3+ hours at once. Goodness forbid I move her! She'll stay asleep through the move lots of times, but then 10 minutes later she'll wake up! Little stinker. So, I just resolved myself to the fact I have to sit there, even if I'm in my robe getting hot and sweaty, but don't dare move to take it off! haha I always try to have something productive to do on the couch.

DIY Cardstock Ombre Baby Mobile

The "installation" was easy with the help of a cheap swag hook. My handsome hubby installed the hook into the ceiling for me. That's after I already marked the spot and was standing on an ottoman, holding a baby in one hand, and trying to drill above our heads with the other! haha, I'm glad he volunteered to finish it up for us!

Here's the view that really matters. Sweet Reagan Colette's POV. Here's directly from underneath.

Mint, Coral, & Navy Ombre Baby Mobile

But I usually have her head toward one end of the crib or the other (not smack in the middle!), so this is likely more of what she sees! It looks so good against her mint green ceiling! I hear her in the morning talking to her new mobile! She doesn't even cry when she wakes, just talks all sweet waiting for me to come get her! Though I'm sure if I took too long she'd be a bit more forceful!

Mint, Coral, & Navy Ombre Baby Mobile

 Now for some pretty detail shots!

Mint, Coral, & Navy Ombre Baby Mobile
DIY Cardstock Ombre Baby MobileDIY Cardstock Ombre Baby Mobile

A friend of mine saw a sneak peek of this on my personal Facebook page. She mentioned that she saw the original tutorial on Pinterest and wanted to try it, but hadn't gotten up the nerve yet. Is this something y'all would be willing to try? If you have the time it's so worth it. They come out beautifully, and it's really affordable! I think this ran me less than $10. You can't buy a mobile this cute for that price! (if you can don't tell me, lol!)

DIY Cardstock Ombre Baby Mobile

I'd wanted to DIY an ombre coral crib skirt. Something like this. But now seeing the multicolored blanket and mobile, I think it might be too much. Now I'm considering just plain white. Thoughts?