Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2 Tone Mid Century Modern "Avante" Bassett Dresser

I love mid-century modern furniture! I don't know why I keep selling the fabulous pieces that I get! Oh yeah, hubby hates them. whomp whomp And the few that I've had the pleasure of revamping sell like hot cakes! Check out my first 2 tone mid century dresser!

I picked up this beauty with hidden potential at Goodwill, like almost all my pieces. This is what he looked like for a very long time. Poor thing, somebody didn't love him. Let's face it, he was sort of ugly...

I've often read that people do research on their pieces. I never have other than looking online to get ideas for refurbishing...though I usually already know what I want to do when I get a piece! But I thought it would be fun to find out a little about this Bassett dresser. On the back it had a long code, perhaps an item number? I typed that in along with "Avante", which was also stamped on the back. This is what came up.

It wasn't super informative or anything. However, it DID give me the idea to put all the detail drawers down the center! I just never would have thought of that!! I guess I have a one track mind. That dresser style is a bit different; I think I like mine better. The drawers are more detailed...but that meant more of a pain to paint!

I cleaned up the original brass hardware with Brasso, gave the body a quick sanding, primed and painted the body in ultra white, and used Restor a finish (I love that stuff!) on the wooden parts. The painted portion got a clear coat, and the wood grain was waxed. The detail drawers I hand painted with a 1 inch brush. I did 3 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint before I was happy with the coverage. It took about 20 minutes per drawer for one coat. That doesn't even count the clean up after (hey nobody's perfect!). I had to try to fix as many of my little mess ups as possible! Oh man, that's over 5 hours on just those drawers...

Totally worth it!

Here's a look at the drawers mid refinishing. The right ones have been treated (but not yet waxed) and the left are the original dull condition.

Speaking of drawers, I've become a dovetail joint snob. I haven't bought a piece in a very long time without them. They're just a must have! ;) I love how they have a two tone wood look! I did not line the drawers on this piece. I would have used brown and white zebra like I did on my first 2 tone mid century dresser, and I was thinking that might turn off a male buyer. Plus they were super clean and nice inside, so I left them natural.

Here's how I would have put the drawers. I photographed the dresser both ways, so buyers could envision how they would want to place them. Not to mention, if you get bored of it one way it's easy to change it up and have something a little different!

This mid century modern dresser sold in a record 4 days! I asked the buyer which way she liked the drawers best, and the winner is down the center! She also said she'd never have thought to put them that way...so I'm glad I did a bit of research on this piece!

What do y'all think?


  1. I love it! Down the center. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I just found this entire set including the headboard-bummed to see the tops are laminate. How do you paint laminate so it gets a durable finish?

    1. Laminate tops are pretty typical with this era. I honestly use the same method as normal wood. Give it a light sanding, use a BONDING primer like Zinsster's, then follow up with paint! I typically will seal the top of a piece with polycrylic for extra durability. :)

  4. Love this dresser…….would love to own one. Great job!!

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