Wednesday, March 4, 2015

6 months of Baby! {1-6 months}

OMG I can't believe my little Reagan Colette is 7 months today! I equally can't believe (wait yes I can, lol) that I haven't posted anything about her since her birth story. She just takes up so much free time, go figure. ;) I haven't done her 7 month photos yet (they will likely be 5 days later as usual!), but here's a compilation of her first 6 months of pictures along with some information from each month!

I don't know if I'll plan to post about her each month or if I should keep them bulk like this - perhaps every 3 months. Thoughts?

September 2014
I wasn't able to get very many photos in her 1 month shoot. She was being a fussy lady and was not interested in being put down for pictures! By one month she liked to use me as a human pacifier. She's already wearing vintage! This was my oldest sister's dress as a baby! It went through all of Mamma's girls - 40+ years and going strong! The background is the baby blanket that I started crocheting at 7 months.

October 2014
By 2 months old she was already able to lift her upper body off my chest, she smiles, and started cooing. She still insists on being held for the most part when she's awake, but she loves her Tula carrier and will lay under he activity gym and look at the toys for a bit. AND she'll sleep anywhere from 8-9.5 hours at night!!! At her 8 week appointment she weighed 12.4 lbs!

I was able to get some better photos from this shoot! That first picture shows her personality so well! And I'm smitten with the one of her brother holding her. He is so sweet and helpful!

See her Halloween photos here!

November 2014
By 3 months she still loves to "talk" and giggled like crazy for the first time during her bath! She loves the water and just kicks her feet and waves her arms non-stop. She ends up "swimming" from one end of the tub to the next unassisted! She loves to jump. If you stand her up she'll stiffen up her entire body and try to go up. Naturally, it's my job to actually make her go up! A few weeks ago she discovered her tongue and plays with it all of the time - constantly sticking out at you! I also discovered that she is spoiled to nursing and won't even take breast milk from a bottle! She says I now exist only to serve her!!!

My husband is a Chief's fan and it was football season, so I thought I'd be nice and do a shoot of her with the Kansas City Chief's onsie he bought her. I love the picture of them together! It actually happened by chance. He went to snuggle her and I snapped it! AND he just so happened to be wearing his Chief's hoodie! Perfection.

December 2014
Such a big lady! By 4 months she was in the 99th percentile for height & 82% for weight! She started drooly and always chewing on her hands! Still only naps if I hold her during the day, and she has started waking up at night around 1am. I think maybe because she's hit a growth spurt. She rolls onto her side from her back, but hates being on her tummy. She had a cute little bald spot on the back of her head from lying down and looking from side to side! Her eyes are still greyish blue! No brown yet!

January 2015
By 5 months she weighed 17.7 lbs and cut her first tooth! She is steadily gaining torso control and sits up pretty well propped on the couch. By now she has that rolling over thing DOWN and loves to explore with her hands! She reaches for all of her toys so she can taste them! She had her first taste of food on Christmas day (sweet potato casserole!), and since then has tried tomato soup and frozen yogurt! I'm going to keep nursing her for the most part until 6 months, but she does get to try foods from time to time!

February 2015
Reagan weighs 17.42 lbs and is still in the 99% for length at 27.7 inches! As you can see, she has found her feet (at about 5 months 1 week) and really likes to play with them if she's barefoot! She has her bottom 2 teeth in, with another bottom one on the way! Unfortunately, she likes to bite when she's nursing... She pulls herself around on the floor, but only manages to go in a circle! lol So far, she likes all of the foods she has tried! Squash, green beans, banana, apples, and the occasional taste of yogurt or ice cream! She is still mainly nursing, and only gets other foods once every other day. She also had some watered down apple juice, she liked it...but most of it ended up on her shirt! She's not quite sure about those sippy cups! I have started to lie down with her on the couch for naps. Once she's nursed to sleep, I'm able to ninja roll off and actually get some stuff done! She never seems to sleep long, though. Only about 15 minutes! (Don't worry, I push the ottoman all the way up against the sofa and don't leave the room)

It's been a busy 7 months! Overall she is a very good baby, just wants a lot of attention. She's spoiled and gets nursed and rocked to sleep each night. The last couple of months I started bringing her in bed with us once (if) she wakes up in the night. I am still a human pacifier! lol

Can you tell my photos keep getting better? I'm learning more about my DSLR camera and how to use it. Not to mention she's happy for longer periods of time, so I'm able to get more shots in each session! I can't wait to do her 7 month photos! She has the cutest dress for it!