Saturday, March 28, 2015

Gold Dipped White Antique Dresser

Woo another large project knocked off the nursery list! I refinished this dresser with the intent of it being a temporary piece. When she's older I was thinking I'd like to do something fun there. However I'm loving this piece, and her closet is a small walk maybe that could be her little club house hideout! Okay, enough thinking about her growing up - I suppose we'll see when the time comes.

I snagged this piece for $60 off of a Facebook buy sell trade group. That's more than I usually spend on a piece, but I was just so caught up in the moment! People were interested in it, and it was sort of like a last minute Ebay bidding war! Except I offered less than what they were asking; if memory serves they were moving and wanted the first person who could take it away. I just HAD to have it so it could sit in my garage for a year with all my other precious!

Here's a look at the before:

 And after!!!

I cleaned her up, primed, painted, but the finish bled through that white paint! After priming and painting the first time, the bleed through was awful. I think if I had chosen an actual color it wouldn't have shown. I bought some KILZ "hide all" primer, said a prayer and reprimed and repainted. There is still some bleed through in a couple of areas. However it is not noticeable, so I decided to just go with it!

Then I taped off the bottom and sprayed it with some pretty Valspaar metallic gold spray paint!

I sealed the top, painted the inner cabinet drawers the same mint green as her ceiling, and lined them all with a mint green lace print paper. Sometimes the paper is just for extra pretty, but the inside of these drawers were pretty gross. They were covered with glue or something, so this was a necessary step!

Grodie -

I thought that I'd replace the hardware, but right now I'm enjoying the simplicity of the white knobs.

She doesn't really need more storage since she already has a fabulous gold dipped coral dresser, but this room used to house all of MY junk! I'm sure I can find plenty of stuff to fill those drawers!!!

And now for more eye candy!

I still love her ombre mobile!