Monday, March 23, 2015

My Mind Monday - 3.23.15

Hi everyone! I've decided to start a series simply sharing things that have been on my mind for the week. I swear it's EXHAUSTING being in my head. I'm constantly thinking about 10 things at once; my mind races nonstop! I do more thinking than DOING - if only I could beam or project my ideas instantly into reality...yeah that would be perfect!

They might be short, they might be long. It might be about decor (most likely!), personal, anything! Hopefully this will help clear some rabble from my mind and I can have a more productive week ahead!


Stainless Steel Appliances
Our microwave has been on the fritz, literally since we've lived here. 5 years. It will work, then it won't, and you have to unplug it for a bit then plug it back in. Real scientific like. Well, about a week ago it finally unplugged for good. Hubby mentioned getting a stainless steel one, but all of our appliances are then he mentioned a stainless gas range (ours is electric). Mind overload. What about the fridge, the much $.

I decided that with that much dough, I'd rather invest it elsewhere in the home than replace perfectly working only 5 year old appliances. Yet, stainless is still in my head. So, I found this liquid stainless steel. It's high heat rated and safe to use even on your oven. I'd love to dive in, but hubby thinks it'll look cheap.


Yep, curtains for your bed. After taking Ethan's bunk beds down to one, we are storing one of the mattresses underneath his bed for potential future bunk bed use. Whelp, you can straight up see the blue beast under there. I want a simple clean white skirt since the bottom stripe of his comforter is navy...if it was white I'd want a navy bedskirt to continue the color alternation. Make sense? I think this one from Target is going to be the winner! Just don't tell him it's a skirt or he won't want it!

Reagan also needs a crib skirt for her room. In a perfect world I'd be able to spend $80 on the perfect one from Land of Nod (pictured below). However, I've been eyeballing the runner up for a long time, but it was out of stock. Well FINALLY they have it back!


No Carbs and More Carbs
I was on an ultra low carb diet for about 5 weeks. I lost 13 lbs. Yay! However last week I felt like this:

Now I'm carb crazy and hope I don't gain it all back. I still have about 15-20 lbs more that I want to lose, so I'm sure I'll be back on the diet in a month - give or take! ;)


Business Cards
I need to order some, for real. I DIY'd some a long time ago with the ole trusty printer and cardstock. However, I haven't had any on hand in years. I just need to stop being so cheap and buy some. I guess there's just not enough time to DIY everything!


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