Monday, March 30, 2015

My Mind Monday - 3.30.15

Welcome to the second edition of what's on "My Mind Monday"! Well, let's delve right in!


I made my sweet lady a chevron crochet blanket that you probably see in almost all of her nursery photos. I managed to make her 2 hats, also. One never fit...was too small! All of my work is very pretty and well done (if I do say so myself!), but it takes me SO LONG to do it! I hear with practice you get much faster. I'm going to try and make her some little sandals for her Easter / 8 month photos! In the mean time, she's cool with me putting her chevron blanket on her head! :)


My Blog Name
It REALLY bothers me that Pinterest and Twitter don't allow enough characters for me to use my full blog's name! Which is why I shortened it to "V2Blog" on those outlets. Do y'all eve get that? It's supposed to be V squared, cause like there's 2 V's. When you search for V2 blog, it's some fake cigarette company. UGH. Not to mention the number of people who can't say or spell "vivaciously". I guess when I chose it I didn't realize what a difficult word that might be for some folks... It bothers me to the extent that I've considered a name change! Vintage Mod Love? Viva Vintage Blog (which is kind of cool because it's basically a shortened version of the current name)? Both are available...NO STEALING!


Our Master Bedroom
I think it's probably the LEAST touched room in the house; I've only managed a very small refresher. I would really like to make it more cozy: Add some curtains, a love seat under the window with some pretty pillows, paint the trim white, and add some moldings! I like to tell myself this would give me motivation to keep it clean! I know that would only be temporary, though! It's usually just overrun with laundry. Hubby doesn't seem to know where the dirty laundry basket is, and we both like to drape our clothes over the corner of the bed.

Source Unknown


"Hoity Toity" Target Shopping
I went to Target over the weekend, but I went to a store I don't normally go to because they had a particular item I wanted in stock. This store is in an area that's a bit more wealthy than the store I normally visit. I usually go to the other one because it's in the same town as the mall, they just have more shopping that I like really close. Ehmergerd!!! If ever I'm making a trip specifically to Target I don't think I'll ever go to the other one again! The displays in this rich Target store were sooo pretty! Here's a couple photos that I snapped like a weirdo.


I'm so in the mood for spring, and the weather here has been so nice! I'm craving a simple outdoor oasis like this! Could it really be as deceivingly simple as just screwing some pallets together?!


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