Saturday, April 11, 2015

Coral and White CAMPAIGN Nightstand! I. Die!

I found this at Goodwill back in February with the thought that "omg it's such a small project I can get it done tomorrow!" Well considering that it's April, that didn't happen! lol. I also thought I'd sell this piece, but after finally deciding on a color combination and seeing it....I can't even!


I painted the inside of the nightstand the same coral as Reagan's dresser. I just keep thinking when she gets a big girl bed (I know just STOP already!) how perfect this would be next to it! So (for now) this piece is going to hang around the house. I do kind of like it as a side table in our living room! It's such a pretty spring color!

If you follow me on istagram then you already saw her before, if you don't want to follow me I'll wipe away my tears and share the before with you here.

Yes that's a cord inside. There was an outlet screwed into the side of this thing! I think it was actually original. It's a pretty cool idea. It has a hole in the back so you can run lamp or alarm cord plugs into the outlet. Perhaps a cell phone charger? Did they have those then? Was the maker of this nightstand from the future?! Regardless, I removed it because I think it's an unnecessary eyesore.

I found the perfect paper for the inside of the lone drawer! It was on clearance at Target and a pretty perfect match for the coral paint! I'm stoked! I also got it in white with gold dots! Swoon!

Can we talk about that hardware for a minute? Have you ever seen campaign hardware like that?! It's amazingly detailed with a pretty floral like pattern. So feminine and unique! Seriously though...has anyone ever seen other pieces like it? I've NEVER seen it before!!!

The inside of the drawer is stamped "Henredon for furniture". I searched for "Henredon campaign furniture" and only saw a couple with hardware like this. Wouldn't you just DIE if you saw something like this at the thrift store???


My sweet lady Reagan was being so good catching up on her decor magazines while I photographed her lovely future campaign nightstand. "Wait, Mom, it's not what it looks like! Okay, it's totally what it looks like.." #MagazineEater #SheLearnsThroughStomachOsmosis

I. love. her.  !! (and her little nightstand, too) !!

Now for some more pretty pictures, followed by a little reality check! ;)

 And here's what the whole room looks like! #KeepinItRealYall

Cleaning house is hard. I was talking to my sister earlier today and I told her that. Her response: "No it's not you're just lazy." Truth. lol!

I hope you enjoy your weekend! Any fun decorating plans!??!? As you see, I have some cleaning to do!!!

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