Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Musings - 4.6.15


Easter, of course!
Easter was yesterday! Happy belated Easter! We had a pretty quiet day. We napped together, went to eat lunch at the casino (yay no cooking!), came home and snapped some family photos. The weather was gorgeous, and I enjoyed spending this holy day with my family! Sadly, we missed mass. One church here normally has a 5:15 mass on Sunday evenings...but they had an extra morning mass instead. In hindsight I wish we hadn't napped through morning mass.


Baby Photos
Sweet Reagan turned 8 months! I can't believe it! I'm going to hopefully get her photos done today. She's going to wear her pretty Easter dress; it's so perfect for spring! You can see her first 6 months of photos here!


If you follow along on Facebook, you might have caught the pouf discussion. It involved me sneaking out to the car at 1 am so hubby didn't know I bought one! I ended up returning said pouf because it noticed it was on sale online. 15% off if you spent $75 (so of course I had to get a pillow!), plus an additional 10% off of that, AND free shipping. I snagged it thinking it would go perfect with my new vintage loveseat, which ironically looks very similar to the couch in Target's picture with said ottoman below!


I have 2 other floor poufs, and I like this one so much more...mainly because it's actually very firm. The other 2 NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO SIT ON because they moosh down a lot, and I don't think they would retain their shape well! lol, I think I'd allow this one to actually be used for extra seating. Here's a snap I share on Instagram of my mooshy pouf with my new loveseat.

Wanna know a secret? Everything in the picture below only cost me $120. I LOVE being thrifty!!! Loveseat - $60 (Craigslist)  Pillow - $8 (Target) Throw - $2.50 (Goodwill)  Table - $30 (Ross)  Pouf $20 (Khol's)

So, what has your week been like? Crushing on anything? Enjoying the weather? Time with family? I'd love to hear from you! :)