Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Musings - 5.11.15


Decor Crush
I'm loving this table runner from Pottery Barn. And I'm ridiculously surprised that I like something that's on clearance! Normally when I go to these pricy sites, my eye immediately gravitates toward the most expensive thing they have! #TheStruggleIsReal I'm actually considering making this dream crush a reality since it's on sale! I also like this ikat one in blue, but don't think I could ever spend $80 on a table runner! Which one do y'all like better?


Sick Baby
I totally missed last week's Monday. Sweet Reagan wasn't feeling well, though. She'd been abnormally fussy with fever. I finally called the doctor at midnight when she had a temperature of 103.7! Yikes. We ended up bringing her to urgent care where they discovered she had an ear infection. Poor thing. At our follow up 3 days later, her ears looked better but she had lesions on the back of her throat! He suspected hand, foot, and mouth. However, she hasn't had any lesions appear on her hands or feet; so, it's not that! Anyhow, she's feeling better and has been cleared. So, glad she's better and that I was able to go hiking with her Friday!

Here we are waiting to see the Dr. at her follow up: So many teeth! 3 more just broke through, too!


Mother's Day
Happy belated Mother's Day to all you great mammas! I hope the men in your life and kiddos spoiled you yesterday! I got coffee in bed, hubby cooked grilled cheese for lunch, then we got in a fight because I didn't ask him to do something the right way. So, I took myself and the kiddos to Starbucks for the last day of 1/2 price fraps; then we went to mass. Though perhaps the best thing that could have happened, happened! Reagan started crawling! C R A W L I N G! Now I need to finally get off my butt and baby proof the house!


Thrift Score
This piece was a freecycle from a neighbor. Sadly her dad passed, and she was just trying to get rid of what was left after the donation truck filled up! It's an awesome wooden filing cabinet! I've never seen one like this! Luckily, that missing drawer pull is in the drawer. I don't think I'll put  new pulls on it because these are awesome! Whacha think? Gold dipped in white, with those awesome gold pulls? I think that would be so pretty! ♥