Sunday, May 17, 2015

No Sew Bunk Bed Dust Ruffle

I'd wanted to sell Ethan's bunk beds, but hubby won that battle. So instead, we just took off the top bed. In order to still have an extra sleeping spot, we kept a mattress under his bed. Well, you could see it sticking out of there, of course. So, I bought a dust ruffle to hide it. Easy enough, right? Wrong.

This happened.                              bbnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnb  xccvdf gjyg bhvcd fzzszo cccccccccccv  Well, that was the baby keyboard smashing. I just couldn't delete it! What I meant happened was this:

As I'm sure you know, a dust ruffle typically goes over the box spring and drapes down to the floor. Obviously there's no box spring for a bunk bed, but I was thinking I could do something similar. Well, the bottom portion of the bed was screwed together. So, I improvised.

I started cutting up the brand new bedskirt that I just purchased! eek!

I cut all the way around leaving an inch or two for pinning.

I tried my best to line up the dust ruffle, so that it would meet evenly all the way around. I simply used push pins to secure the bed skirt in place. I started on the first side by pinning them from the top, simply because the first couple I tried weren't cooperating by going through the side. However, on the other side of the bed it worked, and I think it has a more straight and clean look. I should try to fix the original side.

The foot of the bed is a different wood. It's the finished board, rather just just a support board that runs along the inner sides. It was literally impossible to get any push pins through that wood! So what's a girl to do? Duct tape. Yes. I used white duct tape (not that it really mattered) to adhere the bed skirt to the end of the bed. Maybe my methods are a little ghetto, but the finished product looks good. It has also held up to kiddo pulling the mattress out from underneath for a sleepover.

It's not perfectly straight and smooth, but I'm happy with it overall! It definitely serves the purpose of covering up that eyesore of a mattress hidden underneath Ethan's bed!

Before the bedskirt: You can see the light blue mattress on the floor under there!

After: I also traded his lounging pillow for a different color one that I scored at Goodwill. Moved his dresser to the other side of the bed, topped with a Goodwill globe, and I scored him a FREE vintage floor lamp!

His room is coming along, but we really need some CURTAINS! I have been stalking these forever, but they are out of the taller length that I want. I swear I saw them restocked today online, but didn't buy them IMMEDIATELY - now when I look they say unavailable. Maybe I dreamed it. :(

So there you have it! Something that should have been really simple turned out not. Story of my life...anyone else? lol

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