Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday Musings - 6.1.15


Decor Crush
I love huge floor mirrors! I have 2 unframed ones that I scored waiting for some type of makeover. This is soo beautiful! I like how it's set up behind an entry table.



Thrift Score
I've been wanting a bar cart because they're so cute, but couldn't justify getting one. They are so expensive and I don't have a specific spot for one. Then, THEN I found this gem at Goodwill for only $2.50. YES! The glass is broken, but that vintage gold finish! I'm thinking I'll replace the glass with some thin plywood, or perhaps some plexiglass for durability. Or I might just go with glass or mirror depending on the cost.


Baby Sleep
Is there a secret to this? At about 4 months she was sleeping 10-12 hours at a time during the night. Now she's 9 months and SOMETIMES she'll go for like 6 hours, but usually I put her down around 7ish and she's up again by 10-11. For serious? If you've followed here for a while, you know I play World of Warcraft...and her waking up during my raid times is just not cutting it! If it weren't for that I wouldn't mind as much. Oh well, I just deal as best as I can, which usually consists of either nursing her on the boppy or wearing her in the Tula.