Friday, June 5, 2015

Navy Blue and Gold Clawfoot Round Table

In true Ansley fashion I completed this table ages ago and just never got around to photographing or posting about it. Also in true Ansley fashion, I thought this side table was "the one" (well one of 2 needed!) for our living room...but yet again I'm thinking I will put this one up for sale. Mainly because I think I want the end tables white now...and I hate having to repaint a piece.

So without further adieu...le table! ha

This thing was originally straight out of the 80s, complete with sea shell accents. I removed those, so the piece could fit in with today's decor!

The shells weren't that difficult to remove; it only took a few bangs of a flat head with a hammer to pry them off. So much better without them!

This was kind of a test piece of furniture. It is the first piece where I skipped the primer! The paint itself is Valspaar paint and primer in one; so I wanted to try just that. After all of these months it has held up very nicely with just a coat of wax on the table top.

To satisfy my current gold obsession, I painted the balls of the claw feet GOLD! I've done that before on the chair for this vanity and on this table, but in silver. I think it gives the table something special, some interest that it would otherwise be lacking.

Now for some more pictures!!!

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