Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Musings - 7.13.15


Decor Crush
This one, this one will (sort of) be mine! I saw this GORGEOUS photo on craigslist! Lady was selling that ikea desk for $50. I fell, and I fell hard! It was probably the styling because I'm sure I wouldn't have felt as strongly with just a plain ole picture of the desk. Anyway, I bought it from her for $40. So be looking out for my tiny office space!

White, Feminine Office
Source Unknown


Hobby Lobby
I. love. this. store. I don't go often cause it's 30 minutes from me and I have to cross a $6 toll bridge. #ImCheap. I brought home some gold goodies from Hobby Lobby! Everything I snagged was 50% off! I was SOOOOO excited cause I didn't know it was ALL on sale! I giggle skipped out of the door!

Gold Decor and Wall Art


I got a new headset! I've been streaming my WoW gameplay on . Thanks to a super wonderful viewer who donated enough for a new headset! Reagan chewed the cord on my old one, and the sound/voice would cut out. :( This new one is the nicest headset I've ever had! Memory foam ear covers, say what? :)

HyperX Cloud II Pink Headset
So how was your weekend? Did you do anything super interesting like play video games? ;)