Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday Musings - 7.6.15


Design Crush
Is it just me or are those mirrors GOLD! o m g. Where do I find such delectable beauties!?? I love how they took the smaller pieces and grouped them together for a more substantial look. I've seen something similar done before, and I thought it looked kind of bravo to this designer!



Thrift Score
How about a thrift score trio? I was just going to post about that cute brass butterfly napkin holder, then I realized that the whole vignette I had together was totally thrifted! See how I made over that green teapot!


July 4th
I hope everyone had a safe Independence Day! Can you believe that Obama used our nation's birthday...that the colonists worked so hard and died to a jumping point for Obamacare? July 4th is a day that deserves it's OWN speech, not a stepping stone story. Anyhoooooo...

We just stayed home, and hubby grilled. I broke out the selfie stick (ehmergerd!)! That thing is so fun, I actually chased my husband with it because he thought it was dumb! ;) Fireworks went on in the neighborhood until a bit after 11pm. Reagan slept through it ALL! I still can't believe that!

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