Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Musings - 8.3.15


Decor Crush
This chair is everything! So much $ though! *cries*



Thrift Score
I picked this little vintage kitchen up at Goodwill for $25. I stumbled across it online and it was originally $230 (but now it's $103)! Thrift SCORE! I'm going to clean it up and do some repairs, then give it to sweet Reagan for her first birthday, which happens to be TOMORROW! However, her party isn't until Saturday.


Reagan's 1st Birthday Bash
As you can imagine I'm overwhelmed with all the preparations! Not only do I want to get the party organized and decorated...naturally I feel like I have to make our house as perfect as possible. So, I've added a slew of non party related things on the "to do" list. I'm sure I won't even get half of them done, but I'll try! ha Tonight I worked on my little office corner.... I must say it's on point! :) Now you see why I'm crushing on that PB desk chair!

I'll have a full post about her birthday party and my office corner! Don't worry, you'll eventually get to see everything I do! Wish me luck and lots of non laziness and procrastination!!!!

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