Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday Musings - 9.7.15

 * Happy Labor Day Y'all! *


Decor Crush 
I love this porch! I wish we had a porch here, but all we have is a dumb stoop. Maybe I should just start adding random rocking chairs in the yard and see if the HOA minds...haha :( On another note, I REALLY love that wreath! Very simple and cute!



OMG are you ready for FALL? I came back from vacation into another world, I swear! It was in the mid 60s, and cool. It FELT just like fall had come! Naturally it only took me a day to get a pumpkin spice SOMETHING. It ended up being a vanilla chai with pumpkin spice. So, good. I haven't hung my fall wreath on the door yet because, well honestly my garage is in preparation for an episode of Hoarders so I can't reach it. Maybe it's a sign to make a new one! I've had that one for several years now. I did plant some mums that are on sale at Lowes for $1 each! Go get 'em ladies!

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