Sunday, August 28, 2016

Baby 3.0 - Babywearing Pregnancy Announcement

Tula Babywearing Pregnancy Announcement

I almost titled this post baby 2.0 because I just don't think of my sweet Ethan as a baby! You know he'll be 14 this December! They grow so fast! On the bright side, I get to start all over again with a new one!!! ;)

For those who don't know, I went through a brief stage of babywearing mania. I have gone through so many Tula baby carriers. At least they hold their value well, and I'm able to resell them and get most, if not all or MORE of my money back! They aren't cheap, though...

I already have my tandem set for the new baby! I might, maybe currently have 8 Tulas, but they are all going bye bye except these two! I have one in each size: standard and toddler! Because, of course, when I wear BOTH babies my carriers have to match! ♥ These are actually pretty rare prints. The grey is Artipoppe Inachis Chaos and Meadow (if you notice the smaller is a bit darker shade - that one is the meadow colorway). I have the ONLY toddler made in the chaos colorway, and one of the two standard size meadows. The green is Pavo Spearmint Zebra. I have one of the two toddlers made and the LAST remaining standard size! I also have a wrap of each print for when the baby is super tiny!

Pavo Spearmint Zebra and Artipoppe Inachis Tula Tandem standard and toddler.

I'm very excited for our new addition and an extension of my babywearing years! Yet I am worried about managing two babies so young! I wonder how Reagan will react?! I hope she's not jealous and hits the baby or anything. :( The thing I think about the MOST is sleep....haha. Reagan has started waking up about 30 minutes earlier in the mornings than she used to, and I complain to myself "UGH, why are you waking up earlier?!" Then a little voice pops in my head "sooooooon you won't get ANY sleep!!" Man. lol

**My announcement photo was taken by my niece, and the beautiful editing was a collaboration between myself and Flourish Imagery.**

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