Tuesday, December 20, 2016

New House! SURPRISE!!!

Wow, so much has been happening in my life...

I had a new baby...AND

I moved into a new house! I'm super excited to begin its transformation! However, that's not going to be happening very quickly because of the new babe. I moved just a week before she arrived. Moving 9 months pregnant is pretty taxing...but it's easier than moving after just having surgery.

Don't lift anything heavier than the baby after a c-section? That lasted 2 days before I started picking up Reagan...! Then there might have been some dryer moving, and a dresser buying...which I carried down the stairs pictured below...Anyway, I survived. :)

Here are the before photos of the new digs the day I got the keys!

Parking is in the back of the house, so this is how I have to come down to our home. You can see my car in the upper right. It's nice to have off the street parking, but it's in an alley and my car has already been robbed. Granted Ethan left it unlocked...but still.

 Here's the other portion of the backyard. Ethan is going to have a lot of work come spring time! lol It could be so quaint!

I'm using this space as the dining area. This is your view when you first walk in the back door, which is essentially the only entrance I'll use. Front entrance requires finding street parking. Yuck! lol Not the best entrance now, but slap up some white paint over the pine, and it'll be so fresh!

If you continue straight, you end up in the washroom. There's a 3/4 bathroom in there as well. The shower feels cavernous, but it's nice to have an extra bathroom.

To the left of the back entrance is the kitchen...let's just say there's a decent amount of storage. That's a positive! I want to paint the cabinets so bad, but I'm scared! ha I might come up with a different solution. We'll see!

You can see the office through the kitchen above. This is picture is taken from the living room. I love the cased opening!

Speaking of living room. Here is the view you see initially. I love the giant window! There's a view of the city in one direction, and a peek a boo view of the water!

And then to the right you can see the other side of the fireplace. Double sided - fancy! ;) I've never used a wood burning fire place that should be interesting. I have really enjoyed decorating the mantles for Christmas!

All three bedrooms and the main bath are down the hallway. Nothing really special here.

I'm pleased with how bright the bathroom is! There's lots of storage in the built in cabinets! Thank goodness because that tiny vanity has almost NONE!

Across from the bathroom is E's room. It's the smallest bedroom, which he graciously took since the girls will be sharing a room.

This is the room the girls will be sharing. I still haven't decided 100% how I'll want to arrange it with 2 cribs when the time comes. For now, Addilyn is still sleeping in bed with me.

And lastly, the master bedroom. It's not much larger than the others, but it does have two closets! Yay! ;) lol

I didn't take a picture of the front of the house yet. I'll edit it in soon-ish. Heavy on the ish. Honestly, it's not very pretty. :(

Well that's it! So far I'm loving finding homes for all my stuff in the new space! It's super slow moving, though. My etsy shop has been pretty busy with Christmas orders, plus a toddler with therapy 4 days a week, AND a new baby! We'll get it together eventually!

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