Saturday, February 25, 2017

Living Room Tour

As promised, I'll be posting a room by room of the new place as it becomes semi presentable! This room is a far cry from finished, but it's coming along!

Living Room Grey Couch

The grey couch is originally from Macy's, but I scored it used for $450. Yes that's a lot (for me), but it was literally exactly the one I wanted in new condition!

Mid Century Fireplace

I've had that awesome tufted chair for a couple of years now. It was a $20 goodwill score! Still in love with the "Love" clock that I made!

The entertainment dresser is a temporary piece. I found it at goodwill with mirrors for $40. I sold the mirrors for $20. ;) I just found a dresser that's the style I want, so the tv area will be changing soon!

The area behind the couch will always be in flux. I'm trying to do more furniture refinishing for extra cash, and that's going to be the spot for my sell pieces!

My side table is definitely a kid's table, because REAL LIFE! :)

All that's left to do in here is paint, give the fireplace a makeover, and hang some more wall art!

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