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Make your Area Rugs Kid Friendly!

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I've always lived in a home with carpets installed. So, until now, I haven't had the pleasure of the never ending quest for the perfect area rugs. However, the 7 rugs I've had in the 5 months of living here are a different story.

This story is about how to make whatever area rug you choose....better, more kid friendly. Times a thousand. More plush, more stationary, you name it! It's like a magic trick for area rugs!

Kid Friendly Grey and White Modern Boho Area Rug!

This post is in partnership with Rug Pad USA, and I am so thrilled they contacted me! It's funny, the timing of things. Literally earlier that week I was thinking that maybe I should get a rug pad for my living room. You see, I have a 2.5 year old who loves to flip off the couch, hang upside down off the couch, and throw fits that include hand slamming and head banging onto the floor from time to time. I also have a 4 month old who is enjoying tummy time and learning how to roll over...Then the heavens parted, and I received an email hoping for the exchange of an awesome rug pad for an honest review. So, here we are.

Kid Friendly Grey and White Modern Boho Area Rug!

I was as inexperienced with choosing a rug pad as I was with having area rugs. However, Rug Pad USA makes it simple to choose the perfect rug pad for your needs. I love how the site is organized. You can shop based on what type of flooring you have or what characteristics you need in a rug pad, such as cushion or a non skid grip. Personally, given the aforementioned toddler activity, I was concerned solely with cushion. I wanted a rug pad that would make my living room floor softer for all the impending toddler falls! The pad I chose is the 1/2 inch Eco Plush. I wasn't concerned with a  non skid backing because, thanks to the couch, my living room rug stays put!

I've had the rug pad down for a week now...It. Is. Amazing! I have other area rugs in the home, and when walking from one to another the difference is substantial! My rug with the pad underneath is so much more plush and soft! Even my toddler noticed it. I put the rug pad down during her nap, and when she woke up she was literally hopping and bouncing on the living room carpet!

Kid Friendly Grey and White Modern Boho Area Rug!

The great thing about RugPadUSA is their rug pads are all manufactured in the USA and are more Eco-friendly than your traditional PVC and Plastic padding on the market.  Most rug pads that are made with PVC or plastic are ridden with chemicals that could be toxic and harmful for your floors (and kiddos)!  They offer a sustainable (using rubber trees!) alternative to all the cheap and toxic PVC rug pads traditionally available in big box stores, all while offering better grip and quality. 

Kid Friendly Grey and White Modern Boho Area Rug!

I viewed area rugs as a necessity and a rug pad was merely an afterthought. I "needed" area rugs, not just for decorative purposes, but as a sort of protection for my family from the cold hard floor! Unfortunately, an area rug alone does not provide much padding. Because of that, I'll say now that a good rug pad has made it to the "need" list!

Kid Friendly Grey and White Modern Boho Area Rug!

Why should you buy a rug pad from Because life happens on your carpets. Babies crawl, toddlers fall, puzzles come together, tv shows are enjoyed. Having a rug pad has definitely made those experiences nicer! Right now all of their rug pads are 20% off through Sunday 3/19/17! If you use coupon code "Ansley123" you'll get an additional 5% off!

Kid Friendly Grey and White Modern Boho Area Rug!

This post was sponsored by RugPadUSA and contains affiliate links. All opinions are 100% my own, and I would never talk up a product I haven't personally used and love! For every coupon code used I get a small percentage of the sale. Thank you for your support!

Kid Friendly Grey and White Modern Boho Area Rug!

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