Saturday, September 8, 2018

The Perfect Bedroom for a Teenage Boy!

Welcome to my son's bedroom! Come on in!

When Ethan was out of town visiting my sister and Uncle Father for a few weeks, I decided to surprise him with a bedroom redesign!

Follow me! I was so lonely when he was out of town! 

He had been rockin' the bottom bunk of his old bunk beds (check out his old room before we moved), and everything was just kinda thrown in there. His room is usually a disaster, so it was hard to get myself motivated to put in the work to make it nice...especially since I know it won't stay that way. Luckily, I was able to enjoy it for a few weeks nice and neat while he was gone and immortalize it in a blog post! YAS!

Here's his room on move in day. It looks okay. You can't see it from this angle, but the two walls that aren't visible were painted baby blue. Weird. /shrug

And his room as it was before I started painting!

The biggest impact is the paint job! Find out how I paint my home for FREE! I did a dark grey on the bottom and white on top! I also bought him a new bed with a trundle. We don't have a guest bedroom in this house; so, I'm trying to maximize our sleeping space. Not to mention if he ever has a friend stay over, they're at the age of too cool to share a bed. Sadly, I'm not cool enough for him to be willing to invite friends over. His family is way too embarrassing!

I really tried to fill the room with things HE likes, and still keep it stylish. I see so many teen and kid bedroom makeovers on Pinterest, and it just looks like a room for an adult. It should have things they love...within reason! lol...I can't relinquish TOO much decorating control!

He used to like Star Wars...but lately he's been moaning for me to get rid of this awesome Darth Vader that I scored for $20. I love him so much, he needs to stay. Ethan keeps trying to hide Darth in the closet and said I should keep him if I like him so much...but I don't have a place where he goes! I might relent and sell him. :(

Fun Fact: Ethan can solve a Rubix cube in 30 seconds! He was obsessed a few years back. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of Rubix cubes!

Can we talk about this chair for a minute? I think it's a midcentury Ekornes recliner. In perfect condition they go for $800+...I scored it for $25! I had my ex go pick it up for me since he was in Seattle anyway, and the guy tried to sell it to someone after he said I could have it. I was gonna flip my lid on him. Not smart, since I had his Anyway, I obviously got it! It's really comfortable and perfect for his gaming!

This exit sign was soo cool! I cut it with my silhouette machine, but the "exit" and the side stripes have already fallen off. I didn't use my 'permanent' vinyl that I use for all my mugs in fear of it staying TOO WELL and leaving marks. I'll probably re do it in a frame or on a piece of plywood.

I really love how his bedroom turned out! As always, there's more ideas for the space in this noggin of mine, but his room is looking pretty cool!

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