Monday, February 4, 2019

Midcentury Modern TV Stand - Painted MCM Dresser

You caught me.

It's really a dresser.

But whatever. We're all mad here! ;)

I love dressers.
I love MCM dressers.
I love giving them a makeover.
I love the hidden storage they provide.

I paid way more than I normally would for this piece ($120), but I'm willing to do that if it's a personal piece and something specific I want. I wanted a dresser to serve as my tv stand. I wanted it to be midcentury and have some sort of detailing. This isn't super detailed, but at least it has some character to it!

Midcentury Modern TV Stand Dresser

Midcentury Modern TV Stand Dresser

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I had an amazing dresser once upon a time, and I have lived to regret selling it. It would have been PERFECT in my living room now. I think it's my favorite MCM piece ever. Shhh, don't tell the others! However, at the time, I was married and semi-cared about his d├ęcor input... He hated midcentury pieces. Obviously a divorce was the right move. lol

This baby was a pretty simple makeover. The most difficult part was hand painting along the curve of the top drawers. Often the pieces dictate how I'll refinish them. This particular piece had some damage on the drawer faces, so I opted to paint those white. I gave the body a nice refresh with my lazy wood refinishing secret weapon. ;) It's not perfect, but please refer to the part about me being lazy.

Midcentury Modern TV Stand Dresser

Seeing this before picture, I wonder how it would have looked if I left the top 2 drawers natural and only painted the bottom ones...ah well, too late now!

Here she is in the whole room! It looks so much better in here since I painted my dingy fireplace! Yes, that's a toy basket. Keepin' it real y'all! :)

Midcentury Modern TV Stand DresserMidcentury Modern TV Stand Dresser

Thanks for taking the time to make it to the end! I really enjoy sharing my home and projects with y'all, and I hope you feel the same! Cheers!