Monday, April 8, 2019

Monday Musings - 4.8.19

I have been wanting one of these woven rugs* from the moment I saw them! It's definitely not my  love of rugs that's holding me back...I just don't know where I'd put it! I've thought of a few places, but none of them are like YES! So, I'll wait until it comes to me, or maybe it'll be one of those things I never get. Time will tell!

This one comes in several sizes, and the 3 foot diameter one is only $40! I might have just talked myself into buying it....

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Woven boho jute lace rug - bohemian neutral

I showcased these mid century bar stools in my kitchen tour last week. I've had them a while, but they are just so good! Especially for the price. I only paid $15 EACH! I've seen identical stools for sale for hundreds! I'm so happy these are mine! haha!

Vintage Mid Century Modern Kitchen Bar Stools midcentury mid-century

Y'all! I ordered this moisture meter from Amazon. I've had it for a couple of weeks now, and I'm HOOKED! It really takes the guess work out of watering plants, and it keeps your fingers clean! Y'all plant mammas know what I'm talking about, haha! Just poke this baby into the soil and see if it's dry, moist, or wet (if it's a larger pot, test a couple different locations to get an overall idea of the soil's water content)! Be sure to wipe it clean between readings.

As "easy" as everyone says succulents are, I have trouble with them. I either over water them, or ignore them to the max...and they shrivel up and die! This baby has given me more confidence with them! Life. Changing....for the plants and me! haha If you have plants, you should have one of these. Seriously.

Best cheap moisture meter! Plant care

This is Charlotte (and me!), a variegated curly spider plant! She was the second plant I ever purchased! I wanted one soooo bad because these suckers have BABIES! I saw this one at Walmart last year and swiped it up fast! She even had babies already! When they’re mature enough and happy, they produce little plantlets! You can see one hanging at the very bottom of the photo. I probably have 10+ of her babies planted around my home.

Care wise, these are great beginner plants! They are adaptable as far as lighting, but do best in bright lighting conditions. They’ll lose some their variegation if they don’t get sufficient light. I generally water mine once a week (Sundays!), but sometimes the soil still feels moist. In that case, I wait and check on Wednesday. You want the soil to dry out some between watering!

Spider Plant Care Guide Tips - Best easy low light plants

Thanks for spending part of your Monday with me! Let's make it a great week!