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I moved! It's definitely a downsize from my first home, but I honestly like it better. It's about a thousand square foot smaller, but having a one story is so so nice! We've only been here since November 2016, and having a baby that same month has definitely slowed down the decorating!

Click here to see the entire home on move in day!

<<Living Room>> 

Pretty much all the furniture in the living room I purchased "new". New to me is more my style! You can see more details on the living room here. Check out the perfect addition to any rug!

<<Dining Room>>

This used to be my office, but as I'm adulting more and playing video games less...I'm hardly on the computer. So, I decided that the dining room deserved the central location and not my computer!

I have couple more changes in mind for this space, but here's the basics. And then I painted everything white! It's so much better!

<<Girls Nursery>>

I think their bedroom is my favorite room in the house! Maybe because it's the most finished? Maybe because it's usually the cleanest in the house? Surprising I know!

Take a closer look at their dresser and gallery wall!


<<Master Bedroom>> 

I made my bedroom homey using mostly stuff I had already! I do have plans for changing it involves blush pink!

You can see more photos in my full master bedroom tour here!

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