First Home

<< Front Yard >>

All that was added that has a visual impact on the exterior is add plantation shutters inside (sadly only on the front windows - boy were they pricey!) and paint the front door. I planted a few flowers, but they're dying. :(

<< Office >>

So, those are pretty much the befores. We added the plantation shutters...that one dog likes to open - with his teeth! :( 

Making some progress! I found us some cute matching computer desks, painted and stenciled the walls, revamped some vintage computer chairs, painted a pair of lamps, created a seating area, and DIY'ed a super cute entry table!

<< Powder Room >>

The before photos are really bad...but they're not supposed to be good, right??

I painted the bathroom the same blue as the kitchen, swapped out the builder's plain mirror, and added some accessories - including that DIY chevron paint stick wall art.


<< Kitchen and Dining Nook >>

The real "before" kitchen was just the same neutral color as in all the other "before" photos. I didn't really have a plan, but I always wanted a red kitchen; so, I painted it red.

And now it's blue!

I scored a new table and chairs off of Craigslist. However, my hubby hated the the 2nd new to us table is shown in the photographs! I got a screaming deal on a new chandelier! It's substantial, transitional, and just a little bit of bling. Perfect. The latest update is the addition of some lovely IKEA curtains! I'm finally starting to feel like the downstairs is coming together in a way I truly enjoy!

<< Living Room >>

Here's makeover stage one:

Check out how I made that cute teal and white table here!

Makeover stage 2:

The main change from the original makeover is that giant sectional! Hubby wants what he wants. In this case it was an awesome choice. Because of the huge couch we had to completely change the direction the room, sounds easy enough....but we had to have the surround sound totally rewired and the television remounted. So, it wasn't very easy on the pocket book. I updated a navy blue side table and a coral and white nightstand that are currently on display in the living room. I most recently added some curtains from IKEA!

<< Stairway and Hall >>

I stenciled the laundry room doors; so they serve as an art piece in themselves! Then I painted all the trim in the hallway, including the railing. I also, finally completed  my thrifted frame gallery wall!

<< Laundry Closet >>


I have big plans for this little closet! So far, my sloppiness has not been an improvement! I'm so glad I can just shut those doors and it's "clean"!!! ;)

So far all I have done is paint and stencil the doors, but there's lots more I'd like to do in there!

<< Upstairs Hall Bathroom >>

I'm so in love with this bathroom! You can read all about the guest bathroom reveal here. Really the only change is paint and accessories. I am hoping for a new counter top one day.

<< Ethan's Bedroom >>

First Makeover!
  Details here and here.

Progress on his Second redesign!

So far, we have only painted the walls Seahawks colors and swapped some furniture...with my furniture love affair there's almost always different furniture from the photos!!! Most recently I DIY'd a no sew skirt for a bed without a box spring. There's more to come!

<< Nursery >>

The first thing I did was look for inspiration. Then I started crocheting the easiest chevron baby blanket I could find. It was time consuming, but after some trial and error it was so easy!! I painted a crib that my hubby got for really cheap. Then TEN months later I finally completed her custom headboard that broke the internet!!! I scored a fabulous French provincial dresser at Goodwill and painted it coral and gold. Another thrifty find is the antique dresser that I painted white and gold. Then I decided to completely switch which room was her nursery and painted that room with a mint green ceiling! I DIY'd an ombre mobile that I had been drooling over since I first saw it! I love how the mobile and blanket bring all the colors together! I added more color unity with a thrifted gold frame gallery wall above her dresser!

<< Guest Room >>

This is actually a before of the 'other' guest room, which is now the nursery. ha They all started empty and beige.  You get the idea. ;)

The inspiration for the guest room came from the HGTV Dream Home 2009. I jumped right in, painting the walls, adding art ("Be Our Guest"), and furniture, (like the awesome MCM sewing table)! Read about the comparison of their guest room to mine here. After I thought I had everything hunky dorey, I had a baby! I decided to make the original guest room her room because it was closer to ours, and in my hormonal mind I thought this room was warmer. lol ...and now I'm considering switching them back. The crazy is strong with this one...

<< Master Bedroom >>

Here is our master after just plopping our stuff down - before I discovered anything about decorating. Eww.

Far from finished, but here's the current state after a DIY love clock, a mini refresher with some accessories, bedding, and furniture theft from other rooms, and an updated vintage cradle for our sweet Reagan! I'd say it's 100% better by comparison!

Thanks for touring our home! Y'all come back now, ya hear!? ;)

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  1. Hey girl! Looks like you guys have put a lot of work into your home! It's a work in progress. I love your guest bedroom! Looks cozy :)

    Thrift Diving

    1. Thank you! It's so daunting sometimes, but I love working on it!

    2. Absolutely talented, very inspiring, great artistry, amazing, love it all...

  2. We have white cabinets ith black appliances and it looks fantastic! Everything pops!

    1. Part of it is that I have it stuck in my head that potential buyers won't like it. I saw an episode of House Hunters and the guy said everything looked nice, but it seemed like it was all just quick/cheap fixes. He mentioned the cabinets being painted in a very negative way. I guess it's stuck with me since we'll only be here until 9/2014.

  3. Hi Ansley,
    I just stumbled onto your site 20 minutes ago as I was googling images for paint colors for dressers. I love your site! Very inspiring. I am moving into my own apartment for the first time and want to do most of the decorating myself (instead of having my great designer/decorater friend do things) so I can surprise them for once. It was really til this week that I thought of saving a bunch of money and thought I should just go to a thrift shop or the local Urban Ore and re-vamp a coffee table and other furnishings. I almost said no when my cousin said I could have their old dresser because I thought it would have that "old look"...not for long, I'll take it! Thanks for the great pics :)

    1. Yay I'm so happy! You can do it! I'm not much of a decorator either. What I've done is the product of changing my mind a thousand times, returning/exchanging just as many items at the stores. It's just a lot of trial and error until I find something that goes...and it's so hard for me not to pick a theme and run with it. I have to keep myself from going overboard with one type of thing or color.

      I'd love to see how your dresser turns out. You can post it on my facebook page. If you need any help be sure and check out my painting tutorial, too. It's on my "Project Gallery" page under "useful tutorials". :)

  4. Love the guest bedroom! I laughed about your hubby being opinionated about decor and wall color...mine has none. Only the garage area is of interest so I can't imagine having one who even discusses it. Mine never knows what I'm doing he just goes with it. Good luck on the bedroom colors. :)

    1. Funny thing is when I ask for his opinion he says things like, "I don't know anything about that stuff or I don't have an opinion". Unless he just doesn't want me to do something, then all of the sudden he cares!!!

  5. ok ... i love DIYing . I would love to do my wall like your office wall. did you spray paint that? did you use a stencil? spill the beans :)

    1. I used a stencil and a roller. It was really easy. I just held the stencil up with some painters tape and went to town!

  6. Simply amazing. Very creative. I have been so scared to play around with colors in my home, but your design concept is inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you Sylvia! That's very nice of you! I figure worse case scenario, is I hate a color and get to redecorate! That's not so bad, IMO!!!