Meet Ansley

Hello there! I'm Ansley (not Ashley!), I'm so glad you're here! I love sharing design ideas, DIY tips, crafts, recipes, sneak peeks into my home life, and anything else that tickles my fancy.

But MOSTLY you'll find furniture! I. Love. Furniture. #truth #addicted #hoarder

Coral and gold painted french provincial dresser
Coral French Provincial Dresser
2 Tone Midcentury Modern Dresser
boy's superhero dresser marvel DC
Superhero Dresser!

I especially love transforming vintage furniture - and I have a garage full of it. I enjoy finding ways to revitalize old pieces ~ with a twist of personality! Not to mention that a piece of furniture can be completely transformed very quickly! It feeds into my desire for instant gratification! Be sure to visit  my portfolio to see all my past furniture restorations!

I love midcentury modern style, but I'm also a sucker for what's trendy. I pretty much love everything! Traditional, bohemian, Joanna Gaines style! I feel like I have trouble bringing a room together, but my design skills have definitely improved over time! One piece of furniture is an easy makeover, but I feel like my rooms never look quite finished. Be sure to check out my home tour.

My family consists of three kiddos and a great dane. Ethan is 15, Reagan just turned 3, and Addilyn is a year and a half! I graduated college with my Bachelors of Science in Psychology, which I found to be pretty useless on its own. However, I'm perfectly content staying at home, keeping the house in chaotic-order, painting furniture, crafting, and cooking.

Not only do I love decorating, and refinishing furniture, but I spend my spare time doing more internet lurking than I should, babywearing, hiking, modeling when I'm able, occasionally reading, and lots of hanging out with my kiddos. I have a very sarcastic and silly sense of humor, and I'm actually pretty perverted. ;) I shelter y'all from that, though! Hehe...

Warning: I am also a crazy I'll try to keep things as up to date as possible! Motivate me with interaction! I love comments, retweets, and shares! Tell me what you'd love to see!


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  1. You're so talented and amazing! - Jeremy

  2. Hey, Serena again, from Thrift Diving! Browsing your site, and hilarious, I also have my (useless) degree in Psych, and my 5 yr old son has that same "Dude" shirt!! Ha!

  3. Love your Blog! Following!


  4. Love your blog. I have 2 useless degrees right now.
    Interior design and K-12 art education
    oh well....I just started my blog last month.
    and I LOVE YOUR NAME! My daughter is Anslee :)

    1. I can't imagine that a teaching degree is useless! And I LOVE my name...but disliking that it's becoming popular! I liked being the only one! ...well one of the few at least. :)) At least I know you have great taste! ::wink::

    2. Oh and what's even funnier is that my maiden name is Campbell!!!

    3. Ok that is crazy your maiden name is Campbell. Mind if I ask your middle name? My daughter is Anslee Joy Campbell. I agree with you about being more popular. I named Anslee and had never heard it. I was disappointed to see it being used more and more. :(
      My youngest daughter is named Sterling. I'm just waiting for that to catch on too.
      Oh well.

      Yes I have had a hard time finding a job. I live in rural Nebraska so there is not a lot of demand for an art teacher. But I do sub. And I enjoy that! It actually is nice with the girls being young! I enjoy the flexibility!

    4. :) It's Kathryn. I guess that's where the Twilight Zone ends! haha. On another note....I do like the name Sterling!!!

  5. Hey Ansley. I came across your blog on Pinterest because I pin a lot of knits and crochet items to make as gifts for friends and family. I love your chevron crochet baby blanket! Are you on ravelry? I want to link to you in my upcoming blanket project on there so others could find your blog easier since not everyone on ravelry uses pinterest or Facebook or other social media. Thanks! Beautiful site!

    1. Thank you! I've never even hears of ravelry!!! I'll have to look into it!