Sunday, March 25, 2012

HGTV Dream Home in Reality! Part 2 ~ Kid's Room

If you missed my HGTV Dream Home ~ In Reality ~ Part 1 Guest Bedroom click here.
So here it is in all it's glory! I love this super unique kid's room. It has a great car theme, without being over done.

The second room in our home that I copycated  (is that a word?) from the 2009 Dream Home is Ethan's bedroom. Ethan's room was actually the first room in the house that got 'completed'. Of course, nothing here is ever done changing! So, why is it part 2 if it was the first one done??? Well, his room is always a toxic waste dump little messy, so I had to get it picked up for photos!
So the main thing that I "borrowed" from the Dream Home's bedroom was the paint! I searched high and low for the chrome border that the designer referred to as "automotive detailing tape". It's actually called a rocker panel decal kit. I was able to pick mine up at Auto Zone.

I am loving the rims on his wall! Why? Because they're not the fake covers that the Dream Home is sporting, they are the real deal. L2Shop @ Goodwill HGTV! I scored them for only $5 a piece. They even say "Special Edition" in the center. WIN! I mimicked their awesome car art with some cool shots I found online. Add some dollar store frames and some black spray paint, and you have one speedy setup my friend! 

Ethan & the ghostly orbs insisted on being in the picture!
 As much as I LOVE everything in the inspiration room, I had to tweak this room for Ethan's needs. I got the storage bin shelves because he has SO MANY toys. He actually had a room dedicated solely to them! Also, he "needed" bunk beds. In my mommy ❤ I couldn't tell him no. So we decided on full over full beds. That way he could easily use them when he's much older.

If you view the complete room tour from the HGTV Dream Home  you'll find some cork boards similar to the ones above. Except mine were from the dollar store. I just spray painted the frames chrome. Bling!

I'm still questing for some quilts like in the Dream Home. I found the actual ones...but at $300 a piece, they can keep them! I saw some blue plaid ones the other day, but they were missing red. I must confess, I'm seriously considering getting them and just adding some red fabric paint! In the mean time, at least his Transformer ones match!

Update: I gave his room a mini makeover. Check it out!