Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Teal & White Chevron Coffee Table - Take 1...

I decided that the perfect makeover for this coffee table was a chevron pattern. Note, that I decided this at about 11pm at night - determined to complete a project. I know, sounding like a bad idea already. What did I need for this? Coffee table, check. Primer, check. White spray paint, check. Delicate surface painter's tape...oops! I had some, just not in the right size for my 2 inch stripes. I gambled and used the normal painter's tape...even though I knew I shouldn't. You guessed it, when I pulled off the tape to reveal the not so crisp chevron pattern - I also pulled off the white paint, and primer, and bits of the table. FML. What was so irritating was that I KNEW BETTER! I guess my brain works differently in the middle of the night...

I'm thinking this before looks better than my mess up. :(

Now I'm either going to retape over the teal and respray the table. Or just go with it and distress the whole darn thing and pretend I did it on purpose!!! I'm leaning toward the former because chevron is a modern pattern, I don't think it will go well with a distressed finish. If the lines had come out more crisp, I would have been more likely to just embrace the mistake and distress it all.

If I'm able to fix it, I'll do a full tutorial on how to get perfect stripes THE FIRST TIME! Because by then, I'll have figured it out!

I'm not perfect after all, and I tend to screw up my projects a lot. Live and learn. ;)