Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easy Like Sunday Morning ~ Easter Tablescape

Happy Easter everyone! First of all, let me just say that I think this is the first time that I have ever "properly" set a table. And I did it just for y'all! No really, Hubba Hubba is deployed (as usual) so it was just me and kiddo. So here you go! I scrounged up this cute table setting out of things that I had laying around....and of course the nommy things I bought for Easter.

When I bought dishes after Hubba and I got married, I opted for a creamy color thinking that the dishes would go with any holiday or table setting. It's a lot easier to store and change place mats, napkins, etc than an entire set of dishes, in my opinion. The little ramekins I have been gradually collecting from restruants because they match our dishes. Shh... Our glasses, however, I have yet to replace. Funny enough, they're blue so they coordinate with my Easter table setting!

Yes I set a place for Jesus. After all the trouble He went through coming back from the dead, I could at least feed Him.

I set a place for Hubba Hubba, too.
So on to the extras that really make the table! Those awesome place mats aren't place mats at all! It's wrapping paper that I have been hard pressed to find a good use for - until now! It's the perfect combination of spring colors. While not very durable, they're disposable - and sometimes saving time is better than getting to reuse something! Mine didn't get messed up this dinner, so I'll be saving them for another table setting - or possibly something else!
I talked about using food for spring decor here. I have not changed my mind about the usefulness of food (besides in my tummy!). I used peeps as place card holders. I hacked gently cut each peep's head in half and inserted the place cards, which I made from scrapbook paper. I filled the ramekins with leftover Easter grass from last year and topped that off with some votive candles that I had hanging out in the JFR waiting for a purpose.
I think my table turned out pretty well for me deciding as I was cooking that I wanted to set the table nicely! I'm still a table scape novice, but I think I'll work diligently on changing that!
So how was your Easter? Did you have a pretty table scape?