Friday, April 6, 2012

Gone "Antiquing"

So the other day Hubba Hubba and I went, what my mother always called, "antiquing". Actually, we just stopped for lunch at this little Mexican place when I spotted this cute little store next door. I begged to go in, he rolled his eyes and agreed. :) They had the cutest things in there! I'm sure all exorbitantly priced, but easy on the eyes. I found myself taking pictures, mainly for inspiration ideas. How fun would it be to have all of this stuff?
A bathtub made into a loveseat! How cute would that be in one of those big luxurious bathrooms that actually have a seating area? I'll bet all it would take is bringing an old tub to a welder...

A clothespin clock? I'm so making one of these for my laundry closet!

Silverware wall hooks. Too cute! I wonder if it is strong enough to hold pots!

I thought this little table was sooo cute! It inspired one of my upcoming projects. I love the gold lightly brushed all over it! They were actually only charging like $50 for it!

Loving the vintage cash register and candle holders! I want a register like that in the shop that I'll open one day. /daydreaming...

 And the funniest thing of all...Hubba Hubba bought something. He who rolleth his eyes is the only one who found something to take home! It was a cool old book in mint condition on the trial and death of Socrates.

P.S. Hubba Hubba got me more flowers before the last ones even wilted! Bonus points for him! The Easter Lilies smell so good! I think I'm going to plant them in the yard today!