Saturday, May 19, 2012

Birthstone Decor: Emerald Green Ombre Desk

Welcome to day 2 of my "Birthstone Decor: Emerald"! Okay, so this whole desk isn't emerald...but it does have beautiful shades of it! I love how emerald green and white look paired together. It seems like that is the trend in most decor that boasts this enchanting color!
 The humble beginnings of this desk are anything but precious, but with a bit of inspiration from a precious jewel she is now priceless! (well not really because I'm totally going to price her for sale!) I primed the whole desk with KILZ oil based primer. This time, I chose to roll on all of may paint applications. I think mainly because I still have sticker shock from my last project (which has yet to be revealed)...the spray primer cost me $35! Holy cow, that's like an entire gallon of the roll on kind!!! So here is the before (you might remember this from my Tuesday Teaser)....
 I used a roller to paint the top, legs, and sides a soft white (called Dove Wing). I went the easy route for choosing the emeralds. I went to Lowe's and choose a swatch of greens that I liked (you know the ones with 3 per swatch?) that way I knew the colors would cooperate and look Fabulousified together! I chose to use foam brushes for the drawer faces and inside. I figured with the number of colors I was using that'd be the easiest route when it came to clean up! The reason I chose to carry the greens underneath the desk is that wide center drawer. I figured if the lightest color was carried across the desk, it would look best if the subsequent colors mimicked that as closely as possible.
My only problem is I can't decided whether or not to add drawer pulls to said center drawer. When I got the desk, there were no drawer pulls at all. The ones I used were salvaged from a desk that's waiting on some love in my garage! However, I can tell the center drawer never had any pulls. There were no hardware holes, and there is a groove under the drawer that is made to pull it open. I have a pair of lion head ones that I painted to match. So, with the center pulls or without? I'm leaning a little towards with...
Sorry, this is the best I could do without drilling holes!
And here are some more pretty pictures because I know you just can't get enough of her!
So are you loving the emeralds as much as I am?
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