Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vixen Red Vanity!


Welcome to the reveal of my first ever freecycle furniture piece! This is a 2fer because I'm also using this post for the FFA challenge #4: Freaktastic Furniture. I know this vanity doesn't seem too freaky, but what was freaky about it for me was that I didn't have a vision for it. I almost never buy something that I don't at least have an idea or plan for. I might not have the details all worked out, but I'll at least have something in mind. But when I saw this little lady on Craigslist I couldn't pass her up because, well honestly, she was free.
So, in the spirit of 

We drove the 30 minutes to pick her up! Here she is as we found her!

More on why she scared me. Besides that I had no clue what she was to become, she was already painted. All of the pieces I have ever worked on were in the buff, and I wasn't really sure how to tackle a pre-painted piece. Using chemical stripper did not appeal to me at all, neither did sanding to oblivion until the paint was gone.In the end, I sucked it up and made her beautiful!

I decided to keep her in the same color family. All she needed was some updated paint, glaze, knobs, and hinges. I also added some fabric to the drawers and inner storage area, as well as a mirror. What's a vanity without a mirror, right?

Now she has gone from Freaktastic Furniture to a Vivacious Vixen who has Fearlessly Found Awesome. Oh. Yeah.

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