Monday, August 27, 2012

Half Bathroom Update.

I've posted several projects for the half bathroom downstairs, like the chevron wall art and birdcage art, but I never followed up with updated photographs showing everything. I took just a couple tonight.
I'm rethinking that little shelf above the toilet. Not loving it like I thought I would...but what else to put there? Maybe some custom built shelving that I think I can make, but am too scared to actually build anything! That's a shame because I really need shelves in the garage and laundry closet!
Hope you like how it's coming together!
P.S. You wouldn't believe the positions that I had to get in to take these semi-decent photos of this long skinny bathroom! It's so hard for me to photograph it! Picture me crouched next to the toilet on the floor with my arm sticking up in the air at an angle so you don't see any of me in the mirror. Yes, it looked just as ridiculous as you're imagining...

 photo SmallShortStalker_zps7374fe78.jpg