Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Black Distressed Side Table

This table came out so well! It's by far the most distressed piece I've ever made. Here is the before:

 And after, again!

As y'all saw, I did a couple of pieces with some home made chalk paint. Chalk paint is supposed to be really easy to distress, but I found that this table was easier than the ones that I used chalk paint on.
Because I was going black, I used Krylon's paint and primer in one. Also, because I didn't have any grey primer handy. ;)

This stuff came off so easily when I was distressing it! The main difference I noticed is on the flat surfaces. With the chalk paint it wasn't really coming off very well, except for on the edges. However, the 2 in 1 came off readily.

Since it did distress so easily, I made sure to coat the whole table with some wax. I would have used my polycrylic that I love so much, but I wanted the table to have less of a glossy finish - so I went with the wax.
I love how it looks with my  Halloween decor! :)

 See how to make those bats  here!

This item is up for sale!

P.S. sorry again for the photos - still working with only my cell phone. I need to hurry and decide what camera I want so I can get it!

 photo SmallShortStalker_zps7374fe78.jpg