Friday, October 12, 2012

Cutsey Spooky Halloween Decor - Part 3

So this is the last part of my interior Halloween decor. Here's part 1 and part 2 if you missed those!
Man has Halloween taken over my downstairs! I've never gone this all out. Although, I've never had a blog at Halloween before! 
How do you like the blue chair right there? I can't decide if I want her forever or not...
So as you enter the living room you are greeted by Mr. Skeleton snow globe, accompanied by a dead rose. This rose is actually out year round - it's from my father in law's funeral, whom I've never had the pleasure of meeting. :(
 To the right is my cute little peacock feather table! I love how this shows that it can still be accessorized while still showing off the feathers! The flowers that Mr. Vivaciously V sent me were just what I needed to complete this table scape! I love the orange ones for Halloween!
 And that's me all dressed up! haha ;)
 This creepy crypt spurned from making my spider webs above the kitchen cabinets. It's one of the baskets that I normally keep up there! I just added some 'creepy cloth', spider webs, and accessories.

I made sure to bring out my (tiny) collection of Halloween & fall magazines for the ottoman!
 The other end table only needed some milk glass, black roses, and trick or treat blocks! Trick please.... ;) I'm loving the black and white Halloween decor that's popular this year!
 Even my layered frames got into the spirit with some rat silhouettes and a "BEWARE" sticker!
 This skull art makes such a big impact! Check out that birdcage...what's in there???
 EEEK....RATS! lol, At least they're caged!!!
This guy is hanging from my garage door. It's a wreck in I thought it was appropriate! lol The scariest part of this photo is that gold doorknob!!!

 I think my favorite part is snuggling up under my Halloween throw and watching the Walking Dead. Are y'all watching that series? My sister got me started on it during her visit. Netflix FTW! It's the perfect time of year to start that kind of show!!


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