Monday, December 10, 2012

Cute Yellow Owl Magazine Rack

Wait, how is this a homemade Christmas?? Well, it would make a super cute gift! Made with love by you! :) Simple, thrifty, and made with love! Aren't unique gifts fun?

Y'all have seen this little magazine rack before. I was in the post about the children's sweet  grey rocking chair. How perfect is it for holding children's books? I guess it's high time that I told you how I made it.
The good news is, it's really simple! All I did was spray the holder using my  spray painting process.
After it was completely dry, I printed the owl images on plain old printer paper (I just did a Google image search to find one I liked), cut him out, and used Mod Podge to apply it to the magazine holder. Be sure and let your printed image dry completely before using Mod Podge on it. Also, apply it very thinly for the first coat. Otherwise, the ink wants to run and spread with your Mod Podge.
Once the first coat is on and dry, then you don't have to worry about the ink running because it's been sealed by the first coat. I did about 3 coats. I also covered the whole side with mod podge just so it would have the same sheen.

What do y'all think? Wouldn't this be a super cute gift? You can even make a more grown up version to keep in a reading nook.