Thursday, January 17, 2013

DIY Teapot Lamp Take 2!

So, my sister loved my teapot lamp so much that she insisted I make her one during my visit over Christmas. So, we did a lot of running around looking for the perfect dishes for her lamp. It was easier for me because I collected my pieces over time at thrift shops. We did hers in a matter of days. The teapot and the double handle sugar bowl are from World Market. On another note, they have the cutest little birdie shaped teapot there! I think I want it to serve tea in!!! :)
Here's my original teapot lamp (with an updated shade!) for those of you who forgot. I decided that I didn't like the shade I was using with it. So I picked up a brown one at Goodwill on the cheap and spray painted it white. I like the shape much better. :))
Here's my sister's teacup lamp! It almost looks grey and white, but it's really a khaki color and white. She wanted to stick with neutrals that way no matter what her decor ended up being it would still match!
So what do you think? Are y'all going to try your hand at drilling through some dishes anytime soon?