Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ornate White Side Table

So, I never really had permanent side tables. They were always just switched out for whatever project piece looked decent as it waited to sell. For the longest time, I was using the peacock side table...and it was awkward because there's like nothing black at all in my current decor!

Then I found this table...but I can't find the before photo!

Update: Here's the before photo!

I loved the detailing: the drawer front, dovetailed joints, intricate knobs. Yes, please! It sat for a long time untouched. I didn't know if I wanted to do some shade of blue or white. I finally decided on white for my side tables. I figured the hubs would like it over the blue....although he "doesn't like painted furniture" so I guess the color really doesn't make a difference! :(

Remember that lamp project? You can totally spray paint lamps! 

This baby got a couple coats of primer and white paint. So fresh! I also stumbled across some gold spray paint - it's awesome! I used that on the knobs, and I debated making some "gold dipped" legs...but wasn't sure if that'd be too much for the table. It seems the gold dipped look is best on pieces with simple lines. What do you think?

Update: Since originally writing this, I've shifted to thinking about our next house when we transfer in September (we're just going back to the other one we own in SC). I can't think of a place for it in that home; so, I'm thinking this one is going up for sale! Check out the V2 shop - It's only $95!

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